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The Brain Institute 360 is a new model of medical centre that helps you to gain control and overcome addictive behaviour, through techniques that combine the use of technology with human, warm and high-quality support.

Neuroscience, psychiatry and psychology are the three fundamental pillars underpinning our approach, and with the best specialists, we achieve excellence in our clinical practice.

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If you or someone you know would like to gain a greater sense of well-being, take this test. It only takes a few minutes, and in less than 48 hours you will receive an initial feedback checked by our team of professionals.


Our professionals

At Brain 360 we have the best multidisciplinary team of specialists in psychiatry, clinical psychology, neurology, neuroscience and others.

Our approach

We are pioneers in our comprehensive approach which applies neuroscience to detecting possible functional abnormalities linked to addictive behaviours.

Through this innovative process, we objectively and carefully evaluate each case to apply the most personalised treatment and follow-up, using techniques such as neuroimaging or neurostimulation, which are complemented by psychological treatment.

Neuro- stimulation

Through non-invasive brain stimulation techniques we help to moderate the excitability of those parts of the nervous system that are not working properly in patients with addictions, thus increasing behavioural control, reducing the desire to consume and regulating mood.

These are very safe techniques, used in clinical practice, and their therapeutic benefits continue over time. In addition, these techniques are combined with psychological treatment to further enhance their effects.

A treatment for each person

Each person is different

All of our programmes are tailored to offer a comprehensive, coordinated treatment adapted to the characteristics of each patient according to their level of addiction:


Programmes in which you will learn, autonomously, how to acquire healthy consumption habits that will help you to enjoy your everyday life, your leisure time and the new technologies, avoiding what does not make you feel good.


Through individual and group interventions aimed at the patient and their family, we will help you to reduce problematic behaviour and refocus all the areas of your life that have been affected by the addiction. We also have a daycare centre where we can provide continuous care and support for patients who require it until they are feeling better.

Face-to-face and online programmes

You know better than anyone how to manage your own time. We offer face-to-face and online programmes and treatments to fit in with your life so that you can work on whatever concerns you most.

Technology, science and humanism in one space

We support you in the process to achieving the emotional well-being you deserve. A way to gain control over harmful habits and behaviours or behavioural addictions.


We know that talking about addictions or other mental health problems is not always easy. We guarantee you complete discretion so that your process stays just between you and the doctors who are monitoring you.

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